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by Zach Sherwin

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released September 6, 2016

Mixed by Daniel Fox for Wondersmith Audio ( Mastered by Paul Miner (

Beats by Upryz (Tracks 1, 3, 4, and 5), DJ Huggy (Track 6), Max Miller-Loran (Track 8), and Speakerbomb (Tracks 9 and 10).

Recorded by Daniel Fox for Wondersmith Audio (Tracks 1, 2, 3 and 5), DJ Huggy (Tracks 9 and 10), Ian Brownell (Track 7), Rafael Cerrano (Track 4), Nils Montan (Track 8), and Zach Sherwin (Track 6).



all rights reserved


Zach Sherwin Los Angeles, California

LA-based comedian, rapper, and writer. “Epic Rap Battles of History” (YouTube), “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (The CW), “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell” (FX, FXX), “The Pete Holmes Show” (TBS), “America’s Got Talent” (NBC), Comedy Central Records, ASpecialThing Records. ... more

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Track Name: Rap Hands

I grew up on Raffi and the Beatles
“Baby Beluga” and “Taxman”
Then I learned that rap existed
And it threw a match into my gas can
Once I had it in me
It reshaped me like a belly with a LAP band
I was loving rap jams
By rap clans
I was a rap fan

Yes I loved the music
But the look of it was part of the attraction
Album covers, videos and photos
I examined 'em like CAT scans
I was fascinated by the grittiness
The outfits and the pinky rings and hat bands
But even more than that, man
I loved the rap hands
That's right, the rap hands
Rap hands! Rap hands! Rap hands!

This is Hurricane
He used to DJ for the Beastie Boys
He scratched wax
In 1995, he dropped an album of his own
I made a mad dash
I bought it, ripped the wrapper off,
Did not expect the inner flap to flabbergast
But look at that grasp!
Whose hand is that vast?
Little Zach gasped.

Apparently this image made a big impression on me
Left a fat stamp
Looking at it helps to shed some light upon my past
Like it's a gas lamp
What I'm going to do
Is show you photos of me from that summer at camp
They give me a laugh cramp
'Cause I'm such a wack scamp
The self-awareness-lack champ

Here is Hurricane again and here I am.
You recognize the rap hand?
Here's another photo
Where I'm posing with an identical rap hand
Here's another one and yet another one
I'm really into rap hands!
Really into rap hands! Rap hands! Rap hands...
Rap hands! A step back and.... Rap hands!

Now I'm an adult
And both my sense of self and my career have advanced
But I appreciate the opportunity to take a looking-back glance
Cause if you told the younger me that rap would be my living
I'd say “Fat chance!”
But I made and carried out attack plans
And I didn't crash land
I'm still throwing rap hands
I'm still throwing rap hands! Rap hands! Rap hands!
Tap dance! Plaid pants! Cat stance!
Kaplan! Batman! Zach fans!
Rap hands.
Track Name: Vest Friends

"Vest friends" -
Everybody heard Jay-Z
Guess who's as big a word nerd as me? Jay-Z!
And if the slickest rapper ever to spit it can make a joke this corny
I really feel like he's kicking the door open for me
To dork out to my heart's content.
Jay's got me covered so it won't concern me
If you groan when I tell you
That I'm opening a cremation service
And calling it “Burnt and Urn-y”
If you're OK with “vest friends"
Then I think that you have to accept that equally
And it's not just puns -
This applies to all varieties of linguistic geekery

Like Jay has this song called “Threats”
Where he says that his critics can “duck sick”
If you switch the beginnings of those last two words
He's saying that his critics can suck dick.
The letters that Jigga flipped
Are my permission slip
To hit you with this description
Of what would happen when the late, great Dick Clark
Turned off a light switch: “Click! Dark.”

Now let's consider how Humpty Hump says,
“Both how I'm living and my nose is large”
In “Get Lucky,” Pharrell's like,
“Let's raise the bar and a glass to the stars.”
And MF DOOM says he “Holds the mike
And your attention like two swords”
Hearing these emcees double those meanings up
Gave me confidence to move forwards
And see if you'd be tickled if I said
That last night I got a little dehydrated
So I drank a bunch of water and went straight to sleep
Which is how I wet my whistle and bed.

Now let's talk Eminem
An emcee who I truly do respect
But with all due respect,
Spelling words backwards
Is a skill that he still needs to perfect.
I have a few selected examples to go through
First up: “Love is evil, spell it backwards, I'll show you”
But not exactly, it's off a bit
And the same for, “Cock backwards is still cock, you pricks”
These are errors that he ought to fix!
Or “Y'all are Eminem backwards – mini-me.”
I mean, he's a rap divinity!
Reversing words is a weakness, though
But it's more fun to join him than beat him so
I wrote “Spartacus.” It's a battle rap verse
And it spells “Suc at raps” if you spell it backwards.
Kind of.

Now let's switch gears fam
Talk about the Jay and Kanye song “H.A.M.”
“Hard As a Motherfucker”
And another such jam is “C.R.E.A.M.” by the Wu-Tang Clan:
“Cash Rules Everything Around Me”
And “G.O.A.T.” is a rhyme by LL Cool J
“Greatest Of All Time”
And you only live once
So I won't spend more
Of your life telling you what “YOLO” stands for
Well I have a song called “Flab Slab,”
About a chubby kid who learned to box so that he
Could stand up to his bullies and he reclaimed the name
To mean, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Or this Lil' Wayne line:
“Real G's move in silence like lasagna.”
“G” stands for “gangster”
Lasagna's “g” is silent. Fun!
Well, I also have a noodle wordplay to lay on ya
Think about the words “mac and cheese”
“Mac” is spelled “M-A-C”
Now what if that stood for “mac and cheese”?
How crazy would that be?
And what if THAT “mac” stood for mac and cheese,
And it just keep stacking back, and back again,
Like a nesting doll, or “Inception,” y'all
With that macaroni acronym - or “macaronym.”

And if you called THAT joke cheesy,
It would bounce right off me, not distress or offend
Cause I heard Jay say "vest friends"
So I feel invincible like I'm wearing a bulletproof vest,
Track Name: Plush Pig

Plush pig, plush plush piggy
Plush piggy-pig, plush plush piggy-piggy
Quiet. Listen. Hush. Dig.
Plush pig.

As a kid I had a plush pigger
I was little then, now I'm much bigger
I'm a grown-up. Not a mere boy.
And guys, my pig was a really weird toy.
This is ludicrous
But that plush pig had a uterus!
Her stomach had a zipper
And you could unzip it
And pull out three little piglets
Their mouths were metal snap fasteners
And the mother had snaps attached to her
And the little pigs had to nurse
So you could take a piglet triplet
And clip it to a niplet
And yeah sure thing
It taught me about birthing and nursing
But it's disturbing in hindsight
Cause you get how you played with the swine, right?

You went first
Unzip the mama
Open the womb up wide
And then
Pull out the first piggy
Wave it from side to side to side
And then
It's the second and third piggy
You pull them out to the beat
And now that you've delivered the litter
You gotta snap 'em on the teats!

You go snap!
Attach the first piggy
Snap snap!
And then the next piggy
Snap snap snap!
And then the third piggy!
Now get busy!
Do the plush piggy! You go

Shake piggy piggy piggy
Shake piggy piggy
Shake piggy piggy piggy
Shake piggy piggy
Just get jiggy
It's not tricky
Everybody's ready to do the plush piggy!

Plush pig, plush plush piggy
Plush piggy-pig, plush plush piggy-piggy
Quiet. Listen. Hush. Dig.
Plush pig.

Now maybe you're saying to yourself,
"Zach, it seems highly unlikely that
Any parent would provide their child
With such a bizarre plaything."

Well if you're thinking,
"Wait, no. Surely you jest.
Man, you made that story up
This is purely BS."
Well, I had my mom dig into my closet
And yes -
She found that pig and sent it to me USPS!

So, first, unzip the mama
Open the womb up wide
And then
Pull out the first piggy
Wave it from side to side to side
And then
It's the second and third piggy
You pull them out to the beat
And now that you've delivered the litter
You gotta snap 'em on the teats!
You go snap!
Attach the first piggy
Snap snap!
And then the next piggy
Snap snap snap!
And then the third piggy!
Now get busy!
Do the plush piggy! You go

Shake piggy piggy piggy
Shake piggy piggy!
Shake piggy piggy piggy
Shake piggy piggy!
Just get jiggy
Do the plush piggy!
Clip a little piggy to a metal pig titty!
Track Name: Pro Con

What I want to provide is a bit of context
Help you get with the program
Bring you on board with the concept
Positive vs. negative like a proton-electron contest
I just hope that a verse this hot
Is not gonna make my palms sweat

Rap professional comin' atcha
from every angle like a protractor
Flavor like provolone and prosciutto
Written down or freestyled pro bono
Rarely profane, not fuelled by propane
I would rather eat rappers to get my protein
And I'd proclaim myself pretty proficient
At procuring my preferred provisions
Profoundly prolific, this MC is
Proprietor of fire like Prometheus
Ego's as big as my nose is
Aka my prodigiously-proportioned proboscis
Props to producers spinnin' those records
And b-boys spinnin' like propellers
And all my graf writers with paint and propellant?
I love 'em man!
But on the other hand:

Sometimes I lack confidence
And as a consequence I can't concentrate
My negative thoughts just congregate
As I contemplate with consternation
My constant content constipation
Writer's block is like confirmation that
No concert connoisseur would consider me a star
In his consummate-MC constellation.
And there's no consolation for my contempt for me.
Au contraire:
I'm convinced that congested and confounded
Is what I'm condemned to be.
I'm the opposite of conceited
I should have stopped and quit and conceded long ago
I'm out of control and I need to confront these demons

Everybody has pros and cons
Happy and sad emoticons
Offs, ons, yesses, nos, yins, yangs, cons, pros
Each of us contains a proliferation of contradictions
That conspire to promote a profusion of confusion
And provoke conniption fits
That leave us twitchin' and twisted and with emotional bruisin'
Man I'm talking convulsions, also contortions, contusions
But I'll proffer this proposal, and convey my conviction
That being prone to inner conflict and contention
Is just the proverbial human condition
There is no magic bullet
No projectile that can be conjured
All we can do is proceed and continue
Lace up our Pro-Keds and Converse
No procrastination, gotta go hard like concrete, get proactive
Concoct that projection, construct that prototype, make it happen
I'm pro-creation, like I was the consequences
Of promiscuous conjugal relations that are not protected
By condoms, prophylactics, and contraceptives
Wide-open palms protruding, proving I'm no con artist
I meant every word, prologue to conclusion.
Title: "Pro/Con." Artist: Napkins.
Track Name: Switchitup

I love what I do, and for that I'm grateful and humble
And so I try to stay positive and not act hateful and grumble
I just put the hard work into every song I write
So if you're looking for the wack then you came to the wrong site
Now in general I tend to flow more chill than wild
"But will you switch it up Zach?"
Yeah I certainly will, child
On this latest joint, brand spanking new
I'm spitting more rhymes than all the tea in China
It's that Nanking spew
I'm sending out my message like a wireless tower.
I wanna always be impressive, a tireless wower.
Don't play your speakers quietly, let 'em pump to the joint,
And this song's about variety, so let's jump to the point.
At one time or another, all our worlds are change-stricken.
And if that's scary, you're not an odd duck or a strange chicken.
But if life is hard and you're bewailing it now
Try to switch it up, and soon you could be nailing it. Wow!
My environment got shaken up and flipped in my dash
From Beantown to Tinseltown, I dipped in a flash.
I used to cruise the Mass Pike then I headed more west
And now I holler "Pass the mike"
Where the weather's the wore-mest
And I grind like a shark with a fin and I'm dining nonstop
Find me in the dark with my grin shining.
I'm fly, and fresh, that hasn't vanished since I began.
And I don't fry flesh, that's been banished since I'm vegan.
I hit the spot. I don't flow lame.
Am I passive mush? No dice! Nope.
What I spit is hot. It's not low-flame.
I make a massive push to keep it nice and dope...
And if the rapper Biz Markie ever gets a female dog,
He could name her "Miz Barkie."

I switch it up
Mash it and mix it up
Move things into new positions
Revamp, revisit and do revisions
I came to switch it up
Break it down and fix it up
Chop it and swap it and don't be afraid
That you won't have the swagger to stitch it up
You gotta give it a shot even though
You may stumble or stagger.
Track Name: Old School Language

Every time I kick a verse, every single word of it
Is timeless, ageless, evergreen, permanent
I don't mess with any new-fangled slang
But I do make that old-school language bang

"Yolo" was a flash in the pan
"Swag?" It's already trash in the can
But man, my flow is so hot
When I pull that mike from the stand
It gets scorched black in my hand
And turns to ashes like a match lit
Burnt from the fire that Zach spit
Every word is a classic
More than I can say for "cray," "twerk" or "ratchet"
But look, I'm no hater who wants to dis
That is not what I wish to do with this
Give me your attention. Hark to the plan
Hear and obey as I bark a command
You're coming with me through a wormhole
On a journey through time to reach the eternal
Word to your mother, here we go
Back to fifteen thousand years ago

So this study came out with a list of words
That are "ultraconserved" - read down the page
These are words that "have been retained
In related forms since the end of the last Ice Age"
Their sounds and meanings have remained
Remarkably similar for fifteen thousand years
And all of them appeared in that verse that you heard
And that you're going to hear again right here
Double time:

"Yolo" was a flash in the pan
"Swag?" It's already trash in the can
But man, my flow is so hot
When I pull that mike from the stand
It gets scorched black in my hand
And turns to ashes like a match lit
Burnt from the fire that Zach spit
Every word is a classic -
More than I can say for "cray," "twerk" or "ratchet"
But look, I'm no hater who wants to dis
That is not what I wish to do with this
Give me your attention. Hark to the plan
Hear and obey as I bark a command
You're coming with me through a wormhole
On a journey through time to reach the eternal
Word to your mother, here we go
Back to fifteen thousand years ago

Vocab words that go backwards in time?
I got plenty, chum
Specifically these twenty-some
Stretching across many a milleni, um
No new-fangled slang, but dang
I can sure make that old-school language bang
And how great is that "old"
Is one of the words that's incredibly old?
It's perfect.
Track Name: Grit & Grin

I'm about to freeze my face in a smile
And spit for a while ventriloquist style
You're about to see what hip-hop flowin'
Looks like when the mouth and the lips stop goin'
And it's true that initially
It just seemed like a fun gimmick visually and superficially
But when I chose a title and I thought about it more
It became a metaphor that I wanted to explore...
Ready? (Two, three, four.)

Grit and grin, grin and grit.
Gonna hold it just like this, not gonna quit
Nor change anythin' in the chin region
As I grin and grit, grit and grin.
And don't you go thinkin'
I recorded the track earlier and dropped it on in
Check out the throat - this is genuine and legit.
Grit and grin, grin and grit.

I got the skill to talk the ill talk.
With the grill stock still, I can still rock.
It's a stunt no one has dared to try
Since Kanye did it in "Through The Wire."
And even though it looks fancy-free, in here it's utter insanity.
Although you can't see it underneath,
You can hear the diligent agility
And get the touch of the tongue on the teeth
That's right,
The grin is a screen that conceals what's goin' on outta sight
I try hard to get it to look easy,
So as not to decrease the crowd's delight.
You don't need to know how the sausage gets ground,
Just dig it and enjoy as I kick it and get down
It's a cinch,
As far as the audience can tell
That's entertainment in a nutshell.

It goes grin and grit, grit and grin. Lotta action goin' on within
On the outside though it's just the show and that's it.
Grit and grin, grin and grit. Ready? Two, three, four.

Check it out y'all and be amazed please
He's making drum sounds with a say-cheese freeze
Droppin' beats while beaming ear to ear.
Now here's another grit-and-grin meaning:
If grit is work, and grin joy,
It means you gotta both grind AND enjoy.
And to push it just a little further
Each one needs some measure of the other.
Grit and grin means find some way to rejoice in the struggle.
Flip it -
Grin and grit:
When you do stop to smell the roses,
Do so with the same gusto you bring to the hustle;
In other words grin grittily, and when you grit, grit grinningly....
To VENT these thoughts while saying something REAL
And making party people go OH! That's the QUEST
Vent, real, oh, quest.

Grin and grit, grit and grin.
The yang and the yin
Light on the side that's shadowed
Shadow on the side that's lit
Grit and grin, grin and grit
Dude's killin' it, keen as a guillotine
This right here is Joshua Silverstein...
And I'm Zach Sherwin for the win.
Grit, and, grin,
Track Name: No E (feat. Watsky)

Young Zachary...
Max on that track...

Think through your ABCs
So you'll start off at A and wind up at Z
Now which of that group occurs most commonly?
A hint: it's A B C D blank F G
Now that writing symbol. It pops up a lot, right?
High profiling, always all up in a spotlight
Cool kid, in crowd
Not who this hot shit is droppin' for
This is for my not-so-populars

CHORUS. It's for my Xs, my Zs and my Qs,
My Ñs, my Js, and my Vs and Ks, too
This is for my outcasts and misfits.
All my oddballs, nod your noggins to this
It's going out to my Qs and my Ks and my Zs
My Ñs, my Xs, my Js and my Vs
Go Watsky. Okay, I'm going to
Using only Y A I O and U

WATSKY. So many things I can't say without you
But back up, trick, this song's not about you
I swing my fist until a bully catch a fat lip
You'll think it's a conniption fit from sniffin' catnip
As I run rings around a dingus I do cunnilingus
On a gymnast till that foxy lady hits a backflip. (Wooo!)
I'm sorry if I'm on that brag tip
But your armada's nada and I'm chillin' on that flagship
Baby, two can play at war
I'm cruisin' on my unicorn and shootin' as I soar
It's stupid how I'm poopin' on you nincompoops
And scoopin' up my loot and scootin' out that door
So if a bastard calls you gross and got you glum
You host a holy ghost - not hollow as a drum
All in all our flaws show what it's all about
So f ho-hum go dumb and just roar till your throat's numb

ZACH. So, um, I was that chubby kid at camp who would swim
With his shirt on, so no light could tan his skin
Wishing his waistband was trim,
And thanks to my pituitary gland
I'm now a man and slim
But that pain stays with you - phantom limb
Chantin' hymns for all my antonyms
Of big-man-on-campus gym rats
And pompous girls with pompoms
For non-Don Juanitas and non-Don Juans
Who skip prom or formal
For abnormal sorts who don't play sports with jocks
Non-conforming rocks!!!
So if how you do you is too unorthodox for a box
Put a fist up. Box your way out. Hit it
Mold's gross. Who would want to fit it?

CHORUS. This is going out to my Zs and my Ks my Qs
My Ñs, my Xs, my Vs and Js, too
Folks with asthma and physical handicaps
Birthmarks, scars, and burns or dramatic family crap
Going out to my Qs and my Ks and my Zs
My @-signs, my Js, and my Vs
And last on this list,
All my library-living wordplay-loving kids
Zach, smack it to bits

Gandalf, Houdini, Jafar....oh no!
What's wrong?
Gotcha, guys, that was our plan all along
Wizardry on a song with a magical trick
What a hot collaboration
Boom, this match is (e)lit(e)
Gritty hard diamond minds causing paws to applaud
Two shiny rock stars, two hip-hop g(e)od(e)s!
Whoa whoa, slow it down, don't talk bull and brag
I'm sorry, man, I'm just chock full of s(e)wag(e)
Lyrics, twisting, turning, curling
Similar to a tail on a pig or a pug
From a pair of (e)mc(ee)s with a lot in common
Our skin and our skills
Don't allow rigid limitations
To stop you from rising to difficult occasions
Wow, so motivational!
Oh, without a doubt
And now it's "P(e)ac(e) man"
And I'm out. Ghost.
Track Name: Flag Roast

It's a flag roast. I'm gonna roast some flags.
And I don't wanna show off, boast, or brag,
But you know I've got the devastating gags and jokes
I'm getting's a flag roast.
I mean, I murder flags when I put 'em on blast
All surviving flags, should be at half mast.
Show me any flag, and that flag's toast.
Listen close, it's a flag roast.

I verbally defile banners in a highly vile manner.
Isle of Man, I demand some answers.
Am I looking at human legs with their hinges fused
Into the type of throwing stars that ninjas use?
Weird omage to choose for the pennant
Where you've also presented
The triple thong you apparently invented
But you do have the world's highest N.C.D. -
Number of Crotches Depicted - three.

I give Bhutan mad props
'Cause their flag's got such a dope mascot.
The symbol of their national heritage and glory?
Falkor! The Luck Dragon from the Neverending Story.
Come on, I'm just goofin', Bhutansters.
That dragon on your flag is an intimidating monster!
Although, he looks pretty frail and he fails
When you weigh him on the scales
Against this badass from Wales!
That's a way tougher dragon.
If THEY got to scrappin'?
Imagine what would happen!
I'll do some re-enactin':
[dragon fight]

Monaco's design is fine, but it was stolen
By Indonesia, Singapore, AND Poland!
Who all made the shameful decision,
To engage in flagrant flag plagiarism
Or “flagiarism.”

Flags get kiboshed.
Yanked like Vioxx.
Laced up like high-tops.
Here's Mauritania, which I call:
The Jolly Green Cyclops.

And not to make you blush until your cheeks're crimson
But the flag of Antigua and Barbuda
Gives a decent glimpse into what it'd be like
If you performed oral sex on Lisa Simpson.

Right? Like a first-person view? See what I'm saying?
Look, "The Simpsons" premiered in 1989
She'd be a fully grown woman by now.
This is not creepy.

"Did he talk about Lisa Simpson's vag? Gross!"
Toughen up, wimps. It's a flag roast.
Man, if flags had feet, they'd get their toes tagged
I put 'em in body bags when I roast flags
You should pity any flag that I zing
Cause dag, the sting must be agonizing
I'm that dude who will rag on your flag the most
Zach Sherwin with the flag roast. Uh.

I vex flags - no apology
And I'm ill with a sick burn, that's my policy
And I do it comically
And I got a big word to teach you:
The study of flags is called “vexillology”
I vex flags no apology
And I'm ill with a sick burn that's my policy
And I do it comically
So I put the “vex” and the “ill”
And the “lol” into “vexillology”
Track Name: Dino Soaps

Some people have names with words
That are relevant to 'em embedded in the middle
Encoded bonus information
Hidden in the letters in the center like a riddle
If you don't understand just yet, don't fret
I'm gonna demonstrate, and you'll get it in a little
Bit when I spit these well-known names
With secret words embedded in the middle.

So who's precisely my TYPE of lady?
Check it out: it's kaTY PErry
Who was a RIOT on SNL? She's very hilarious: cheRI OTeri
buSTA Rhymes is a rap STAR. missY ELLiott as well.
She had a famous song where she said "Holla..."
And you know that's YELL.
rusSELL Simmons SELLS. He's an entrepreneur.
chRIS Evans causes a RISE in libido.
GREen is the color of Shrek the OGRE'S skin
And the last name of cee lO
Who's the HERO of every film in which we've ever seen him?
dwayne tHE ROck johnson. What a hunk!
Lotta people wanna get up in his NETHER regions.

scotT WOlf starred in the '90s sitcom "Party of Five”
So what's up with the TWO?
And steVIE Wonder may be blind
But his name has got a perfect VIEW.
So some of these are off base.
sanDRA Bullock is not DRAB, she's a beauty.
zAC Efron's no acting ACE.
vIN DIEsel isn't in INDIE movies.
Whose classic car is a Lincoln, not a MODEL T?
guillerMO DEL Toro.
And do I like jOHN Oliver? Oh yes.
So forget that OH NO. Animals!

whooPI Goldberg has PIG. rheA PEarlman, APE.
There's an ELK in michaEL Keaton
And a she-sheep, or a EWE,
In kanyE WEst, georgE WEndt, and vampirE WEekend
And nEW Edition.
Ask former Senator christopHER Dodd: that's a whole HERD!
And smack in the middle
Of Malcom in the Middle's frankiE MUniz?
EMU, a big bird.

reginA SPektor: ASP!
Like a viper.
But also NAS who fired back after
Jay's dis track “Takeover,”
Produced by Kanye, who put chancE THE Rapper on “Pablo.”
Nas called his song “ETHER.”
roB LOWe:
Let me BLOW your mind with just a few more,
But not before finding NEMO in julianNE MOore.

christOPH WALz has OPH WAL
Spelled in an off-the-wall way.
And my buddy loves GANJA
I put him in even though he's not famous:
morGAN JAy
And FLO RIDA's entire name is a perfect FLORIDA overlap.
I don't know what state that dude is from
But someone prob'ly should have told him that!

Dino soaps.
Why call this song "Dino Soaps?"
'Cause when I was a kid I had the kind of soap
That had a little rubber dinosaur at the core inside the soap
Buried down deep like a treasure.
Now you can put all the pieces together.
I call these dino soaps
They're normal-seeming names with a secret treat at the center.

gareTH Edwards: the director of the next Star Wars film: "Rogue One."
And you already know about ellEN Degeneres; if you didn't, I'd be so stunned.
No connection between them. Except for this, and it's real fun:
THE END. (Dino soaps!) And now we're eD O'NEill: